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Welcome to REC EZforms
EZforms are a simple method of engaging REC to assist in the filing of forms with the FCC in regards to your broadcast station. Certain application types can be started using EZforms. Once the information is in, you will get the REC full service treatment the rest of the way. As you have taken the time to enter the information we need, we can pass that savings along to you. If you need assistance with a situation that is not shown here you would just rather have full service the whole way, please contact REC at 1-844-REC-LPFM.

Please select from one of the following forms to continue:
Show of interest form to engage REC for filing assistance in the 2021 NCE FM filing window (11/2~11/9/2021).
For renewal of an LPFM station license during your state's designated renewal period.
Notifies the FCC that you have completed previously authorized construction and you are ready to license the facility.
For changing either your antenna type or your feedline type (or both) as long as you are not changing your transmitter location or antenna height (more than 2 meters or less than 4 meters) at the same location.
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